Padel X

We’re hiring! We are looking for someone to head our Turku and Kaarina centers

Are health and exercise close to your heart? Do your eyes twinkle? Is there a smile on your face? Do you earn to learn? If yes, we want to meet you!

Padel X: connection, happiness and laughter

We value health and time spent with our friends and family. Connection. Happiness. Laughter. To us, both exercise and padel represent these things. Iivari Lappalainen, co-founder & CEO, describes the Padel X story as follows: “Padel felt right from the moment I played it. Fun, social and easy to start. This was a sport that I could play with my mom, my spouse, or my friends alike. It felt like a sport that could make an impact on people’s lives & health. Something that could bring back fun to exercise."

Head of Padel X Turku (full-time, 40h/week, flexitime)

You are the heart and soul of our Turku and Kaarina centers. Sometimes the face as well. With the support of the COO, you are responsible for the wellbeing and growth of the Padel X -community as well as the bottom line of the centers. You will lead your team and cultivate the Padel X -culture.

Tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Recruit, train, and lead hourly workers while also developing the Padel X -culture within the team

  • Plan and execute different kinds of fun events such as padel-parties and tournaments

  • Oversee customer experience from start-to-end, and actively analyse feedback & develop our operations

  • Be the face of our centers, service the community, and actively form meaningful relationships with our members

  • Produce engaging local content in social media together with the head of our marketing while also addressing local comments and inquiries

  • Monitor and analyse court utilizations while taking bottom line ownership together with the COO

  • Plan cafe & shop product selections and lead procurement while taking bottom line ownership together with the COO

What we have to offer:

  • Give you a chance to positively impact people’s health and help them discover the joy of exercise

  • Provide you with an opportunity to grow as a head of a business unit under experienced mentorship in an encouraging and relaxed environment where you matter, and people listen

  • Have the chance to be part of creating Finland’s leading padel-operator while also having the opportunity to move up to new roles in a fast-growing start-up: for example, becoming a region/country head

  • Give you an opportunity to go after your vision and take responsibility independently, yet supported

  • Extend you the freedom to partially work remotely while enjoying flexible working hours

  • Provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labour in the form of bonuses

  • Extend you the opportunity to train freely at Padel X -courts as well as our strength & conditioning facilities

What we are looking for:

  • You are ready to grow as the head of a business unit. No prior experience is required: “When you grow, we grow”

  • You are open, social and positive. You care about people, are interested in them, and ask questions

  • You are proactive and you take initiative. You can multitask, and you can get things done

  • You appreciate quality and are attentive. Details matter to you

  • You are excited about organizing events and you might already have some experience in the field

  • You are a team player, and you care about the wellbeing of others

  • You love to move, and exercise is a way-of-life for you

  • You are able to communicate in Finnish and English, and are a native speaker in one of them

Interested in the position?

  • Send email to – questions are also welcome!

  • Add the position that you are applying to in the topic of the email (Head of Padel X Turku)

  • Attach the email with the following things:

    • CV

    • Cover letter / short intro video

    • Relevant degrees / certificates and report cards

    • Blogs / social media accounts that you manage, or other relevant content portfolios, if you have any

    • Desired start date and compensation

Apply soon! We will fill the position as soon as we find a suitable candidate.

Padel X -company description

Padel X is a fast-growing exercise, health and wellness start-up founded in 2021. The company has quickly grown into the largest domestic padel-operator in Finland as well as the leader in premium padel-chains. We at Padel X believe in quality, community, the joy of exercise, and health & wellness. Padel X owners, employees and investor-advisors have decades of experience at the forefront of business, real estate, law, design and exercise, health & wellness.