Padel X

For the love of the game – the way padel was meant to be.

- Padel X

Off-court training is as important as on-court. And we have made sure that you can do both! Get fit & turn up the heat in our warm-up and strength training areas.
We all deserve the chance to train and play under the best possible circumstances. We have thought about every tiny detail from court surfaces to playing height to lighting and acoustics – it’s all world-class!
Recover like a superstar in our saunas and cold pools while enjoying healthy foods & drinks. This is your time to relax and recover!
Our community is our family, and we would do anything for our family! So take a moment to relax at our café, or mix and mingle at one of our events. Whatever it is, know that you are at home now.

Our Story & Values

Padel X Story.

“Padel felt right from the moment I played it. Fun, social and easy to start. This was a sport that I could play with my mom, my spouse, or my friends alike. It felt like a sport that could make an impact on people’s lives & health. Something that could bring back fun to exercise.

To my disappointment, I quickly realized that most padel locations didn’t meet my needs as a player. They lacked proper facilities, services or the communal aspects I was looking for - they felt “cold.” Especially for a sport that was inherently so social.

Coming from a business background, I also quickly realized that there were things I would have done differently from a business point-of-view. I started to understand that there was a business opportunity in padel.

And so the idea of
Padel X came to be. An opportunity to make an impact, to provide us players an experience worthy of our love for the sport, and to create a sustainable business to ensure that padel is played in the years to come.”

- Iivari Lappalainen, Co-founder & CEO, Padel X

The four ledges of our X symbolise our four core values


Every detail matters.
Quality without compromise.


Community is everything to us.
And our community is our family.

Health & Wellness

Health is instrumental in happiness.
And we want our community to be happy.

Joy of exercise

It’s time to bring back fun to exercise.

Our Founders

Iivari Lappalainen.

Iivari Lappalainen

co-founder & CEO

I am a curious, open, and kind person at heart on a mission to help people live better and healthier lives. My mission is deeply rooted in my own health struggles (multiple back surgeries) that have left me with an insatiable hunger for finding new ways to improve health and wellness. 

I believe that an active lifestyle is a key to living better and healthier lives. We need to stay active physically to be healthy, but we also need to remain active socially to feel connected and to thrive. And most importantly, we should have fun while doing all of this!

If I am not reading about - or trying on - something esoteric to improve my health, I am likely staying active with my friends and family, binging on sci-fi TV-series, or attempting to meditate (with mixed success).

Simo Viljamaa.

Simo Viljamaa


I am a positive and energetic family man. I strongly believe that a meaningful life is built on meaningful relationships with others. I have always felt that doing things together – like playing sports - has been a natural way to connect with people. Amid a hectic family life, having a moment on the courts with your mates has been the proverbial lifeline for me and my friends. 

I feel that the joint shared moments of triumph - that are so common in padel - are a fantastic way of creating and strengthening relationships. As such, I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with padel, to play a part in building a premium padel experience for all of us players, and to have the chance to spread the joy of exercise to us all. 

If you can’t find me on the courts, I am most likely tinkering away with a new renovation project or flipping burgers with my family. Being born and raised in Laihia, I am also somewhat (in)famous for being a frugal person.

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