Padel X

We’re hiring! We are looking for Community Specialists -hourly workers for our Pori center

Are health and exercise close to your heart? Do your eyes twinkle? Is there a smile on your face? If yes, we want to meet you!

Padel X: connection, happiness and laughter

We value health and time spent with our friends and family. Connection. Happiness. Laughter. To us, both exercise and padel represent these things. Iivari Lappalainen, co-founder & CEO, describes the Padel X story as follows: “Padel felt right from the moment I played it. Fun, social and easy to start. This was a sport that I could play with my mom, my spouse, or my friends alike. It felt like a sport that could make an impact on people’s lives & health. Something that could bring back fun to exercise."

Community Specialist (hourly worker)

You are an important part of our community, and the face of our center. As part of a larger team, you are responsible for the wellbeing of our community, our facilities, and the experience of our customers.

Tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Be the face of our center, service the community, and actively form meaningful relationships with its members

  • Take ownership on the wellbeing of our community and the related customer experience as part of a larger team

  • Work in the cafe & shop while actively innovating and developing our operations and product selections as part of a larger team

  • Plan and execute events and campaigns as part of a larger team

  • Produce engaging local content in social media while answering comments and inquiries as part of a larger team

  • Monitor and maintain the conditions & cleanliness of our center

What we have to offer:

  • Extend you the opportunity to train freely at Padel X -courts as well as our strength & conditioning facilities

  • Give you a chance to positively impact people’s health and help them discover the joy of exercise

  • Give you a chance to develop in your role in an encouraging and relaxed environment where you matter, and people listen

  • Give you an opening to move up in a fast-growing start-up: for example, as the head of one of our centers

What we are looking for:

  • You are open, social and positive. You care about people, are interested in them, and ask questions

  • You care about health & wellness, and you are interested in learning more on the subjects

  • You love to move, and exercise is a way-of-life for you

  • You appreciate quality and are attentive. Details matter to you

  • You are a team player, and you care about the wellbeing of others

  • You are able to communicate in Finnish and English, and are fluent in one of the languages

Interested in the position?

  • Send email to – questions are also welcome!

  • Add the position that you are applying to in the topic of the email (Community Specialist Pori)

  • Attach the email with the following things:

    • CV

    • Cover letter / short intro video

    • Relevant degrees / certificates and report cards

    • Blogs / social media accounts that you manage, or other relevant content portfolios, if you have any

    • Desired start date and compensation

Apply soon! We’re filling up positions as soon as we find suitable candidates.

Padel X -company description

Padel X is a fast-growing exercise, health and wellness start-up founded in 2021. The company has quickly grown into the largest domestic padel-operator in Finland as well as the leader in premium padel-chains. We at Padel X believe in quality, community, the joy of exercise, and health & wellness. Padel X owners, employees and investor-advisors have decades of experience at the forefront of business, real estate, law, design and exercise, health & wellness.