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X League Singles

X League Singles is hosted by Padel X.

X League Singles is a weekly event which is played every weekend. The League is played in one series being open for everyone. Each week the participants are divided into groups of four based on their X League Singles ranking. Players compete within their group of four (4) in tight matches. Players receive points based the results of the group matches, which thereafter effect the players ranking and group for next week.

Players can also join X League Singles any weekend. The X League Singles are arranged every weekend, and players can freely join every weekend they like. X League Singles has a fee of 15€ per participation.


The coolest weekly event also deserves great prizes (on top of bragging rights). Games based on your own level and great community! X League Singles has it all with great prizes:

National winners:
1. Regular game time for 12 months
2. Regular game time for 6 months
3-4. 250€ gift card to the pro-shop
5-8. 100€ gift card to the pro-shop

City winners:
1. 250€ gift card to the pro-shop
2. 200€ gift card to the pro-shop
3-4. 100€ gift card to the pro-shop
5-8. 50€ gift card to the pro-shop

Extra prizes, per city:

  • ‘Most active player’ award: player with most participations in X League Singles is rewarded with a 50€ gift card to the pro shop

  • ‘Fair play award’: player who is based on a vote recognized as a helpful, fair and supportive is rewarded with a 50€ gift card to the pro shop

Other prize related notes:

  • Prizes are per player

  • Prizes are awarded in season ending gala and prize ceremony once all games have been played

  • Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of issuance

Game format and ranking

During each week, all players will be divided into groups of four based on their ranking – and everyone will play with everyone one match to 32 points. Matches must not end with a margin of two points (i.e. a match with a results of 32-31 has ended).

The four (4) players in a group play matches against is other in following order:

  • First match: R1 & R4 vs. R2 & R3

  • Second match: R1 & R3 vs. R2 & R4

  • Third match: R1 & R2 vs. R3 & R4

  • Note: R1 means player with the highest ranking of the four (4) players in the group, R2 means second highest ranking…, R3 third highest ranking…, and R4 means lowest ranking of the 4 players in the group

After the games, the ranking points of every player will be counted, and the ranking points affect a player’s ranking which will affect who a player will play with during the next weekly event.

A player’s ranking is based on the average of the two (2) last X League Singles events a player has participated in. A players ranking can be between 0 to 100. Players receive ranking points based on

  • Which group they play in

  • Placement within the group

  • How many points the player wins or loses.

This makes every minute of X League Singles exciting, as every point matters, regardless of if you are winning or losing a match!

All new players start from the lowest group, and work their way up to a group with matches their skill level. However, players can apply for a wild card, through which a player can be fast tracked to a higher ranking. A player can apply for a wild card if i) they are a top 100 player in Finland, ii) have competitive tennis background or iii) compete in the highest divisions in the X League Doubles.

Registration of results

The weekly winner of the group is responsible for informing of the results to a Padel X employee at the center immediately after the matches. In case corrections are required, please contact your local Padel X center and we will as soon as possible.

X League Singles timetable
Regular season: 15.10.2023 - 5.5.2024
City finals: 18. - 19.5.2024
National finals: 8. - 9.6.2024

The city finals are arranged between 18.-19.05.2024
, where 32 players will compete for the city wide championship.

The national finals are where the nationally top 32 players will meet. From each city, the top 4-8 players from the city finals are invited to the national finals (8 players from cities with most X League Singles players, and 4 players from cities with less X League Singles players)

Both the city and national finals are played as a tournament bracket. The 32 players are divided as always into groups of 4 and play a round of X League Singles game format. From each group 2 players progress and 2 are eliminated. The process is repeated until the final 4 players compete and the winner is decided.

Contact persons

Ellinoora Ketola
+358 503739056

Jani Säteri
+358 505578932

Oskari Laiho
+358 442140221


Aino Sävelä
+358 504677534

Ville Pesonen
+358 505879234