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Padel X Turku opens in August 2022 – reserve your regular game time now

Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and is also quickly rising in popularity in Finland. As the number of players increase, so too does the demand for high quality centers. Padel X – the largest Finnish owned padel chain in Finland – is responding to the need by opening high quality centers all around Finland.

“We at Padel X appreciate a first-class padel experience: quality, community, the joy of exercise, and health & wellness. We work for the players, the community and the entire sport. We want to raise the standards of padel in Finland, in as many cities as possible. For the love of the game – the way padel was meant to be,” says Iivari Lappalainen, co-founder and CEO of Padel X.

Padel X will soon serve current and future players in Turku as the new Padel X Turku center opens its doors in Räntämäki Emmauksenkuja 5 – offering a first-class padel experience to the local padel community.

“Turku will always have a special place in my heart as I spent my university days in Turku. Turku is also a vital location to us at Padel X. Turku is a vibrant city with a growing padel community and a lively padel culture,” states Simo Viljamaa, co-founder and CGO of Padel X.

Padel X Turku: warm up, play, practice, socialize, thrive, and recover

  • Warm-up and strength training areas

  • Seven (7) WPT-level padel courts

  • Ten (10) meter playing height

  • Top notch Padel X acoustic and lighting -solutions

  • Cold plunge pools for recovery

  • Large unisex sauna (in swimsuits) for shared post-game relaxation

  • Spacious lounge and cafe area

  • Well-equipped padel shop

Get your regular game time now at Padel X Turku, as an early bird special

Community is everything to us at Padel X and our regulars are the beating heart of our community: without you, there is no us. You, your friends and other regulars make up our family at Padel X – and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for you to be able to play, recover and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Turku regular game times are now on sale, for early bird prices. Be among the first to join us in our mission to elevate Turku’s padel experience to a whole new level. Ask questions and contact us at

Padel X Turku -team members wanted – vamos!

As the Padel X Turku grand opening approaches, we are looking for passionate community builders and padelistas to join us at the Padel X Turku team. We are searching for the Head of Padel X Turku, community specialists (hourly work), and coaches. Turku recruitment will begin shortly – stay tuned for more information on open positions.