Padel X
Padel X.

Padel X is opening its first center in Vaasa Kivihaka in Ostrobothnia region

Padel is a fun, social and equal racket sport

Padel is one of the world’s fastest growing sports. The racket sport has also taken Finland by storm, according to Yle. Padel is a four-player sport played in doubles on a smaller version of a tennis court surrounded by walls. The game itself is inherently fun, social and equal. The equal nature of padel creates a unique opportunity to enjoy the game with your spouse, or with your whole family alike - from kids to grandparents. Especially during the COVID-pandemic, Finns have flocked in masses to play padel and to experience the delight of the game, reports Yle.

You can find more information on padel from wikipedia or from Finnish Padel Federation.

Padel X – more than a padel hall

We at Padel X believe in quality without compromise, first- class padel experience, the bond of community, the joy of exercise, and the importance of health & wellness. These ideals are the foundation of Padel X. Iivari Lappalainen, co- founder & CEO, explains the Padel X story as follows:

“Padel felt right from the moment I played it. Fun, social and easy to start. This was a sport that I could play with my mom, my spouse, or my friends alike. It felt like a sport that could make an impact on people’s lives & health. Something that could bring back “fun” to “exercise”.

To my disappointment, I quickly realized that most padel locations didn’t meet my needs as a player. They lacked proper facilities, services or the communal aspects I was looking for - they felt “cold.” Especially for a sport that was inherently so social.

Coming from a business background, I also quickly realized that there were things I would have done differently from a business point-of-view. I started to understand that there was a business opportunity in padel.

And so the idea of Padel X came to be. An opportunity to make an impact, to provide us players an experience worthy of our love for the sport, and to create a sustainable business to ensure that padel is played in the years to come.”

Padel X Vaasa Kivihaka –center elevates Vaasa padel experience to the next level in August 2021

We have built Padel X Vaasa Kivihaka –center from the ground- up with a razor-sharp focus on community and first-class padel experience. From warm-up to game time, from recovery to socializing. It’s all top notch, providing you with the padel experience of your life.

Facilities include for example:

  • Warm-up equipment

  • Five competition level WPT-standard padel courts

  • Nine meters of playing height

  • Top notch acoustics and lighting

  • Saunas and cold plunge pools

  • Spacious and cozy lounge & cafe

  • Well-equipped padel-shop

You can read more details in Vasabladet and Ilkka-Pohjalainen. Construction contractor is Westgroup.

Book your regular game time in Padel X Vaasa Kivihaka

Community is everything to us at Padel X, and our regulars are the beating heart of our community. You, your friends, and other regulars make up our family at Padel X - and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for our family! We are in the business of building homes – not padel halls. And we invest accordingly.

We are now thrilled to announce that we are opening up our regular game times for bookings. You can book your game time via For more information, please contact Padel X Vaasa co-founder Elias Viljamaa, tel. +358 45 226 8788.

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