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Second Padel X Vaasa Center Opens its doors in Klemettilä to compliment the popular Kivihaka location

Padel is one of the world’s fastest growing sports and Finland is no exception: more and more players are discovering the game (Yle). As popularity grows, the demand for high quality facilities keeps increasing. Padel X is working day and night to meet the demand and make the world’s most enjoyable racket sport accessible to everyone – while also raising the standards for the whole padel experience.  

“For us, quality is everything. Every detail matters. We want to raise the standards of padel experience in Finland to benefit all the players, communities, and the sport as a whole. Today it’s Vaasa, tomorrow it’s the rest of Finland.” Iivari Lappalainen, co-founder and CEO of Padel X, says. 

Padel X has been warmly welcomed in Vaasa

From March 2022 onwards, Padel X will be serving current and future Vaasa padel players even better as the new Padel X center opens its doors in Klemettilä to compliment the already popular Kivihaka center. The new center is a relief for the players as Kivihaka center’s availability has been scarce during the most popular times. 

Vaasa players were quick to find the Padel X experience leading to a large regular clientele being formed. “I have loved to play a part in elevating Vaasa’s padel experience to the next level and to witness the forming of our tight-knit community”, reflects Joakim Hautala, the Head of Padel X Vaasa.

The Padel X concept is clear: best-in-class experience and conditions enabling a thriving community

Every center is designed and built with community and quality in mind to provide a first-class padel experience. From warm-up to game time, from recovery to socializing. Everything is founded on top-notch quality, tight community, the joy of exercise, and the advancement of health & well-being. The four values that are symbolized in the four ledges of the letter X in Padel X.

Padel X Klemettilä: warm up, play, practice, socialize, thrive, and recover

  • Warm-up and strength training areas

  • Seven (7) WPT-level padel courts. Two (2) of the courts are panorama courts designed for competitive playing including a three (3) meter obstruction free out-of-court play area as well as bleachers for spectators

  • Ten (10) meter playing height

  • Top notch acoustics and lighting

  • Cold plunge pools for recovery

  • Large unisex sauna for shared post-game relaxation

  • Spacious lounge and cafe area

  • Well-equipped padel shop

For the love of the game – the way padel was meant to be

“We are in the business of building homes – not padel halls.”, co-founder and CEO Iivari Lappalainen states. “We’re offering a first-class experience coupled with top notch facilities from warm-up to game time, from recovery to socializing. We’re in this for the love of the game, to really create an experience worthy of the game. That’s why even the smallest of details matters to us.”

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Book your regular game time now in Padel X Vaasa Klemettilä

Community is everything to us at Padel X, and our regulars are the beating heart of our community. You, your friends, and other regulars make up our family at Padel X - and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for our family! We are in the business of building homes – not padel halls. And we invest accordingly.

We are thrilled to announce that regular game times at Klemettilä are now available for booking. The spring season for Klemettilä takes place between March 28th and July 31st. To celebrate the opening, we are offering July free of charge as part of all regular time purchases before the opening on March 28th. Note that by acquiring your regular game time now, you’ll acquire an option to renew your time for the fall season. Contact For more information, reach out to Head of Padel X Vaasa Joakim Hautala,, tel. +358 40 058 8685.

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